Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Perspective on Gratitude

A few months ago I was the passenger in a terrible accident. I've thought about telling about my journey here, but have struggled with the thought. Finally today I realized that the lessons I'm learning are ones I should be sharing. This was our car after the accident. Every time I look at this picture I realize what could have happened. I am so grateful to be here with my family. They are my joy. I'm grateful for so many things.

Sometimes bad things happen in life. At those times it is so important to recognize the blessings surrounding those incidents. I know I was protected by my Heavenly Father that day. I was unconscious for a half hour while they cut me out of the car and woke up in time to be life flighted, but one by one they ruled out internal bleeding, broken bones and other things. Don't get me wrong. I've had challenges. My legs are still healing from the deep bruising where they were effected by the impact. I hope someday the shard of glass will no longer be there to annoy me every time I brush my forearm against something. Soon enough the fractured teeth they removed will be replaced by implants. My shoulder and neck are better than they were, and although some things will be permanent, most of the pain will go away. Lots of it has already.

How can I not be grateful. I'm grateful for quick responding paramedics, helicopters, doctors and therapist who have taken time to explain injuries and healing processes, nurses who cared for me when I couldn't, my recliner where I slept for the month after coming home from the hospital, insurance and billing people who have helped me understand that process, the other driver who swerved (not knowing that would save my life), my family and friends who have done so much, and a loving God who knew I needed to still be here.

It doesn't take a perspective altering experience to find much to to be grateful for. I'm grateful for a place to call home, the novel I just finished and submitted to an agent, my legs, seasons so I can look forward to spring and rest a little in the winter. And so much more.

What are you grateful for?

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