Friday, February 17, 2012

Why I Love WIFYR

Attending WIFYR (Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers) is an amazing experience. Every writer should have this opportunity at least once. The lineup this year is pretty exciting. But what does a writer get out of this conference? These are some reasons why I love it.

  • In your morning workshop you meet a group of people that end up becoming a wonderful support network through that week, and sometimes beyond. You laugh and sometimes cry with them, sharing your work with them and opening yourself to growth.
  • Meeting and working with a published author in the morning workshops always opens new doors in my mind. You realize that they are real people. The feedback on your own work helps you to know what to work on and how to make your work marketable.
  • Morning worshops help stregnthen your skills as a writer. They help you realize your potential and find ways to further develop your skills.
  • We always hear from editors and agents. In the morning workshop they visit each group, giving you a chance to ask your really great questions.
  • This year there are two editors and two agents. Although if you count Kirk Shaw, who is teaching one of the morning workshops, there are really three editors.
  • Sometimes other agents show up, or you meet local editors in workshops and classes.
  • There is always more information presented than you can absorb. Choosing specific questions to get answered during the conference helps insure that you go home with what you need.
  • Going to WIFYR makes you want to work hard and achieve your writing dreams.
Do you have a favorite writing conference? What great things have you learned at conferences? How do they help you?


  1. Sounds like it was great! When was this? I'm really looking forward to LDS storymakers this year :)

    (Just a couple notes about your blog - I really like your clean look, but your banner is cut off at the top. Consider making a smaller banner or widening your columns which can be done in the template designer.

    Also, you have word verification on, consider taking it off for easier commenting. You can refer to my blog for more info.)

    1. WIFYR is in June.

      Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate the help. And thanks for your presentation a few weeks ago. It was also very helpful.

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